Best programming language for Backend development in 2019

In the field of web programming, Frontend technologies such as AngularJS, Vue.js and ReactJS are being strongly promoted. Backend is ignored by most people, because people are used to paying attention to the things they see in front of them. All the logic behind the scene is considered uninteresting and ignored.
Backend is part of the code that users don't see. The developers of the server part are responsible for handling the data that comes from the frontend as well as going into it (the simplest example is the forms of authorization).
Backend developers deserve attention. To effectively and conveniently implement the logic of the site, you need to choose the right programming language.

1. PHP

язык программирования PHP

Php opens the list as the most popular and widely used language. Many people do not like this language, you can determine your attitude, just tried to work with it. Almost all active Internet users encounter implementations on PHP code. About 75% of websites use this language. It has come a long way since its creation in 1994.
Php has grown and is now used on many servers, and it can also be integrated with many libraries and themes.
It is also compatible with many content management systems and has interesting libraries such as Symphony, Laravel and CakePHP. It is more of a scripting language, so beginners can easily learn it. A large developer community provides many resources for this.

2. Python

язык программирования Python

Python is no longer a language limited to desktop programming only. Now it occupies high places in the sphere of backend programming. Many server-side programmers see Python as a replacement for PHP.
Python is a popular, easy to learn language with a nice syntax.
Flexibility makes it a substitute for many languages. However, you will need the Django library or any other framework to use it in server programming.

3. Java

язык программирования Java

Like Python, Java has become a universal language. It is used in desktop application development, android development and web programming. Java has several advantages over the growing popularity of Node.js. Due to its long presence in the web sphere, Java guarantees high stability and security.

4. Ruby

язык программирования Ruby

Ruby has an active community that provides excellent documentation and support for open-source projects. The code is very simple and expansive. With the help of the Ruby on Rails framework, you can create and run a functional API with protection, data structure tests and a database in hours.
5. Other languages
Tools such as Perl, .NET, Scala and Node.js (Javascript framework) are worth mentioning.

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