How to buy Monero

Криптовалюта Monero

Monero has long been one of the main cryptocurrencies, for the summer of 2019, monero takes 13th place among all cryptocurrencies according to Coinmarketcap. It used to be even higher, but some other cryptocurrencies pushed it a little. The main difference between this cryptocurrency was its absolute anonymity, it is impossible to trace transactions, which means it is also impossible to trace the movement of coins. This coin is very popular in narrow circles. It is not yet as widespread as Bitcoin, but its high positions still make it profitable.

Due to the wide distribution of this coin, buying it is very simple, as simple as bitcoin.

The only thing is, it is impossible to buy this crypto on the Localbitcoins website, because this website only works with bitcoins.

But buying monero for rubles is very simple with the help of an exchanger.

купить monero за рубли

We have already said that there is an aggregator of exchangers bestchange. Therefore, choose a payment method and Monero, get a huge number of exchangers, and you can already choose the most profitable for you.

Mining pools Monero

What to do if there is no money, but I really want to get acquainted with cryptocurrency. To do this, you can start mining. It’s real to mine a monero coin, if you have enough video card power, you can try to mine from the processor, but it is very difficult.

And in general, mining without joining the mining pool is almost impossible. There are really a lot of pools, but we will take the most famous one - Minergate. This mining pool is suitable for beginners. It presents a lot of cryptocurrencies, one of which is Monero. The convenience of this pool is that it provides the miner program itself. There is even a miner for completely newcomers, a window interface and the choice of any cryptocurrency of interest without reconfiguration.