Earnings on Facebook on advertising

Last time we looked at the types of earnings on Facebook, and we came to the conclusion that the best way to make money is to sell advertising.

However, placing ads just will not work, firstly you will not have advertisers at first, and secondly no one will watch your advertisements.

To start selling advertising, you need to create a community. This is the most effective way, since you are aimed at a specific audience initially. Initially, you will need to recruit subscribers, preferably more than 10,000, so that advertisers at least pay attention to you, but this does not mean that having overcome the bar of 10,000 subscribers you will have a steady income. Such a number of subscribers just gives you the opportunity to earn a little. If you are counting on a steady income, then you will have to work with the community regularly, most likely you will have to invest in promotion all the time. Working with the community is not the easiest way to start earning, as in the early stages you will have to constantly work on the community, as well as invest money, especially at first, in order to promote it.

However, the higher the attendance of your public will become, the more often they will offer you advertising, and the cost of advertising will increase.

Conclusion: if you want to start making money on advertising on Facebook, then be prepared to work hard, and maybe even invest in your business financially. If you can develop your business, then someday your income will delight you.

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