How to see who liked in VK

People who are interested in who likes them on the social network VKontakte sometimes need to get a list of these people, because finding out manually is sometimes quite problematic, especially if there are a lot of likes.

It is quite simple to do this; all you need is your account in VK and the programming language python.

Even if you want to find out who likes the posts, this is also not difficult, but you still need your VKontakte account.

What you need to know who put like
The first thing we need is to install the library on Python vk_api.

This library is installed via a standard pip for Python.

On the command line, you must register pip install vk_api. The main thing is that you have registered variable environments, otherwise you will have to go directly to the folder where your Python pip is located.

Next, you need to open your IDE.

The first thing to do is to register the import.

import vk_api

vk_session = vk_api.VkApi('Phone Number', 'pass')

vk = vk_session.get_api()

Note that for this method it is necessary that the account does not have two-factor authorization.

date = vk.likes.getList(type = "post", owner_id ="-1", item_id = "390805")

What does this fragment mean?

The link to the post has the form vk. com / apiclub? w = wall-1_390805.

owner_id - the value in the link after the word wall, this value should be written with the sign "-".

item_id is the value that comes after "_".

After that, you only need to display the date value, and after that there will already be data (id) who put the like.

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