Лучший язык программирования в 2020 году

Программирование сейчас одно из самых популярных профессий, мир меняется, а это значит то, что технологии с каждым разом всё быстрее и быстрее сменяют друг друга. Для тех, кто еще не вошел в IT, есть небольшой список тех языков, которые будут востребованы в 2020 году. Стоит правда заметить, что из года в год этот список не очень сильно меняется, и выучив один из этих языков, вы, с большой долей вероятности, будете достаточное количество времени востребованным специалистом.

Best programming language for Backend development in 2019

In the field of web programming, Frontend technologies such as AngularJS, Vue.js and ReactJS are being strongly promoted. Backend is ignored by most people, because people are used to paying attention to the things they see in front of them. All the logic behind the scene is considered uninteresting and ignored.
Backend is part of the code that users don't see. The developers of the server part are responsible for handling the data that comes from the frontend as well as going into it (the simplest example is the forms of authorization).

How to convert ui to py

In the previous lesson, we learned to install PyQt5, now we need to convert the UI file that PyQt Designer generates into a file with the PY extension.

It should be noted that pyqt5 must be installed on python 3.6, since pyqt has not yet been added for version 3.7.

As a result of this, the environment variables "path" must be for python version 3.6 and the code that will work for this window must also be version 3.6.

How to install PyQt5

There are a lot of tutorials on the Internet how to install PyQt5 on your computer, but all of them are from the series “nothing is better than this”.

So that there are no questions left, we will start installing PyQt5 from the very beginning, that is, installing and configuring the python itself, after which it will become clear how to install this graphic editor so that everything works and the versions of the programs of the python and PyQt5 are compatible.

How to buy Monero

Как купить MoneroMonero has long been one of the main cryptocurrencies, for the summer of 2019, monero takes 13th place among all cryptocurrencies according to Coinmarketcap. It used to be even higher, but some other cryptocurrencies pushed it a little. The main difference between this cryptocurrency was its absolute anonymity, it is impossible to trace transactions, which means it is also impossible to trace the movement of coins. This coin is very popular in narrow circles. It is not yet as widespread as Bitcoin, but its high positions still make it profitable.